Foundation for Aspiring Youths in Ethical Leadership

Atitebi, Rasheed

Atitebi, Rasheed Temitope

Atitebi Rasheed Temitope is a graduate of Accountancy from the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. He is an enthusiast for social growth and the development of youths.

Rasheed served as One-Time President of the Muslim Students Association in the School of Management and Business Studies Yaba College of Technology (YabaTech) and also served as the Special Duty Officer (SDO) and the Intelligence Officer (IO) of the Protocol and Security Unit of Yaba College of Technology Muslim Community.


Rasheed’s craving for societal growth spurred his membership interest in socially-progressive organisations—such as the Junior Chamber International (JCI, YabaTech) and Lagos Legend Leo Club (Pioneer member). Atitebi’s professional interest spans through Accouting, Taxation and Finance. He has worked, as an auditor, in the consulting and banking sectors.


As a Secretary to the Board of Trustee, Pioneer General Secretary and a Founding Member of the Foundation of Aspiring Youths in Ethical Leadership, he provides strategic insights on globally acceptable administration and governance of a not-for-profit organisation. Atitebi Rasheed Temitope is motivated to imbue core values and ethics of leadership upon younger ones; he believes that this will position them for opportunities in a fast-paced and a globally-competitive world.