Social Impact Fellowship (S.I.F.)

The FYL Social Impact Fellowship (SIF) project was launched on the 10th of October 2021 in commemoration of our 5th anniversary. After observing the defects and immoralities the lack of basic societal knowledge, interpersonal communication, and ethical leadership skills is causing in various societies and the fast growing world of today, our team decided to take an action to curb the menaces of these defects leveraging on the motto of our organization – the future is ours to create.

To create that future, we decided to look out for those that would inherit the society in future and empower them with adequate skills needed to secure their future ranging from active reading and listening to effective communication, to career management, to goal setting and ethical leadership skills. The young boys and girls at different communities and seeds that would grow into whatever they are trained to become. We then decided the theme of the SIF project – replanting the seed.

The FYL SIF is focused on a singular purpose, to re-orientate young boys and girls, majorly high school teenagers and school leavers by empowering them with basic skills to become servant and ethical leaders that will make positive changes in their various societies and wherever the wave of life take them. This is not to change their given primary discourses given orientation, but to establish a paradigm shift of mental reformation and self empowerment; to let them see how they can become triumphant beyond the corners of their communities and empower them with tools needed to take charge of their present and the future that awaits them so they can do small things in a great way. The first rotation of this project was held at Agbede community of Ikorodu LCDA in Lagos state, Nigeria and the Board of Trustees (BOT) has decided to make this an annual project for the organization.


Happy New Year

FYL extend best wishes to all volunteers and partners. In this new year, let’s all continue to he advocates of…